Random Novelty Pen


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Novelty pens with black ink, perfect for journalling or day to day tasks

Cute pens make journalling more memorable.

Various Pen designs available

1 – Pick your colour
2 – Random pen design will be selected by the seller

Pen ink for each of the variations is black
Pen outer colours are: pink, blue, yellow and lilac

Approximate Pen specifications:
+/- 16.5 cm without cap
+/- 18.2 cm with cap (design dependant)
0.8 cm width/ depth

Size may vary depending on design of ornament/ novelty design on the top of each pen

Each pen has a white nib sealing the tip of the pen
Each pen has a pen cap of the same colour as the pen

Designs will be drawn at random based on colour choice.
Limited availability of each colour

Novelty pens

Blue, Lilac, Pink, Yellow


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