About Smiley1starrs

Smiley1starrs is an arts and crafts brand that has grown into a business concept from the initiatives of Rene du Plessis, me (left).


I am a dog mom to Cody, Bailey (right) and formerly Princess Chloe who is no longer with us. I am also a creative, artist and writer who has a passion for colour, stationery and spreading joy and kindness through cute things.


Inspired by the likes of Disney, Kawaii, anime and all things stationery, Smiley1starrs is a brand of hand-made designed and customised stationery products that are cute, motivational, functional and helpful, making your planning, organising and day to day activities a little easier and a little cuter.

What better way to start your day with a touch of magic, a sprinkle of stardust and a glimmer of hope, all which allows you to remember that child-like notion of anything is possible if you just believe.